Thursday, September 13, 2007

Considerations for High Performance Websites

Steve Souders has jolted down fourteen simple tips and tricks to improve website performance.

  1. Make fewer HTTP requests
  2. Use a CDN
  3. Add an Expires header
  4. Gzip components
  5. Put CSS at the top
  6. Move JS to the bottom
  7. Avoid CSS expressions
  8. Make JS and CSS external
  9. Reduce DNS lookups
  10. Minify JS
  11. Avoid redirects
  12. Remove duplicate scripts
  13. Turn off ETags
  14. Make AJAX cacheable and small

You can download his complete presentation on the said topic at Web 2.0 Expo conference from here

For a detailed description of each of the above 14 tips refer to Exceptional Performance section at Yahoo Developer Network.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yahoo UI for ASP.NET

A lot of people are writing Server Side Frameworks on top of different Client Side Java Script Libraries. Yahoo UI for ASP.NET by Luke Foust is one such endeavour which I really appreciate.

That’s a really good sign that people understand the complexities of such client centric approaches to web development and have started finding way outs to abstract and better organize them through such server side frameworks while maintaining their inherent user experience.

For the actual UI Library by Yahoo refer to