Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Personal DNA

Last year, I took an online test designed by professional psychologists to assess one's personality using quite intuitive techniques.

The results were quite interesting and detailed. They were surprisingly quite close to my personality as well. It categorized me as a Benevolent Architect and different aspects of my personality depicted by the below coloured boxes.

Today I happened to see the detailed report of it again and I was once again amazed by the accuracy of the report. The report not only covered who am I, but also provides information regarding what to change if I want to be different. I really wonder how come they can provide such a detailed yet an accurate analysis of one's personality based on the answers to a few dozen of questions. I thought it's worth sharing the summary of the report represented in the form of these coloured boxes.

Take your mouse on the different coloured boxes above to see the different aspects represented by my personal DNA.

One must try this test at, however sharing the results with other's is a matter of personal choice.