Wednesday, July 02, 2008

TRG Tech Talk Series: “AJAX – Inside Out”

I gave a presentation at my company in connection to the new Tech Talk series initiated by TRG TECH. I was honored to be the very first one to have a Tech Talk in this connection. The topic I chose for this first Tech Talk was “AJAX – Inside Out”. The reason for choosing this topic was to build the foundation for our upcoming Tech Talks on engineering rich, interactive user experiences over the web which me and my team will be conducting in a month or so.

My presentation covered everything related with AJAX including
  • Web 2.0
  • XMLHTTPRequest
  • Hidden Frames
  • JSON
  • Programming Model of ASP.NET AJAX
  • Server Centric Programming Model
  • Client Centric Programming Model
  • Trade Offs of the two Programming Models
  • Supporting tools for Web 2.0 developers for analyzing the network traffic created by your web app, manipulating DOM, styles and other aspects of your web app and browser.

The supporting tools for the debugging and analysis included the following

I also gave three demos/code walkthroughs during the course of this presentation one on each of the XMLHttpRequest, UpdatePanel and PageMethods.

The feedback and response was overwhelming and the hall remained jam packed till the end :)

You can download my presentation from here so as to have a deeper look at it and get better insight of AJAX really from inside out.

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