Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome – Web Browser for the Next Generation of Web Apps

Google Chrome is available for download from today!

It’s a brand new web browser by Google for those who love GMail, Google Docs and other JavaScript centric web applications; applications which have truly proved the very essence of Web as a Platform.

Google Chrome is yet another examplification of the simplicity and elegancy of Google’s User Interfaces. It’s fast, it’s speedy and it’s yet another innovation on part of Google in terms of its memory management and JavaScript execution. It considers every tab and every website as a separate process. Google has definitely created a benchmark in Web Browsers.

It has got features that are very useful for Web2.0 Engineers. It has got built in DOM Inspector, JavaScript Debugger, Network Traffic Analyzer, Memory / CPU / Network Profiler so that you can precisely know which web app or web page is taking more memory, CPU or bandwidth.

Google has not just engineered this whole thing but have presented the whole concept behind it in an equally superb way. Read the full story of Google Chrome at to explore what it actually is.

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