Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Time!!!

It has been quite some time that I have not been that active on my blog, as I used to be a year back. Now, I am getting back to the routine and have been eagerly waiting to get back to my blog. However, before I get back, I thought it’s a good idea to share what has been going on at my end in the last few months.

It was back in October 2008 that my company’s vice president asked me to be one of the authors of the official blog of the company. The aim was to present the technical leadership and technical diversity of the resources we had at the company. So, I decided to start blogging for the company’s blog. The first thing I did was revamping the complete blog so as to have a consistent look and feel of the blog with the company’s website. Then, I wrote a few articles on HTTP Compression, Engineering Enterprise Level Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework and User Experience Design Patterns. The experience was great and the recognition was worth the effort.

In January 2009, I decided to relocate to London, UK for work. I got Tier 1 in February, left my existing job at TRG TECH; The Resource Group in March, moved to UK in April, started working for a multi national MVNO in the name of Lebara in May 2009.

So over the past few months there have been quite some transitions going on and I was unable to keep up with my blog. However now I am getting back to it.

One of the many good things about all these transitions is that my technology spectrum and technical horizon is increasing. Previously I have been working purely on the call centre centric software product development with all the energies channelized in re-engineering a high availability, fault tolerant, scalable, secure and rich interactive solution, but now at my new job at Lebara, I am working more on integration and B2B projects, along with extending and customizing Microsoft’s business management software product range.

Now you can expect a bit more technical diversity on my blog with some technical articles on Microsoft Dynamics as well, in addition to the .NET and Java Script stuff. Hope you would like it.

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Noor said...

It is never too late.
Do the good things whenever u remember it and whenever u get time.